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Niagara A.C. Rockbridge


Office of Miss Navajo Media



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Shi ei Niagara Rockbridge yinishye. Kinyaa’aanii nishli, Hask’aan Hadzohi bashishchiin, Naakai Dine’e dashichei, To’ahani dashinali. Shi ei Naaki dimiil doo bi’aan naadiintlah’doo naaki dimiil doo bi’aan naadiinnaki dine bi’chekee nishli. Naadiin naaki shinahxe. Tselani/Tse ligai ii’aahii wolyedee chi’shikee ak’o nidii be’akidbahahodzaanii dee’nasha. Shima doo shizheye ei Deborah doo Gary Rockbridge wolye. Akwi’toa ji’k’eeh nishli.
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Hello, my name is Niagara Rockbridge. I am Miss Navajo Nation 2021-2022. My clans are the Towering House Clan, born for the Wild Banana Fruit Clan, my maternal grandmothers are of the Wandering People Clan, and my paternal grandparents are of the Near the Water Clan. My first footsteps began in Tselani/Cottonwood where my maternal grandmother and mother are from however, I have also come to call Pinon my home as well as this is where my paternal grandmother and father are from. I am 22 years old. I have 4 siblings, 3 older brothers and 1 younger brother. This is how she identify myself as a young Dine lady. I have attained my Associates in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Dine College in May of 2021.


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